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Living it up

Wonder Woman
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Learn About Me


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This is the journal that may at times blow your mind. I speak very openly, and have lots to say. If you get offended easily then this is not the place for you. I have many interests, passions, obsessions, and collections. I am 23 years old, Im happily married and have a two year old daughter. When I'm not on the internet you can usually find me with my awesome husband and daughter, or hanging out with the friends at the bowling alley, the movies, or one of the many fun parks, lighthouses, shores, or streets in the south Jersey Area. Im Colleen, I have a beautiful little girl that was born in January of 2006 and I am married to the most awesome man in the universe, Matthew - a.k.a. Batman. We have a fun and interesting love life and a great family life! ♥ I do not like drama, and if you have any with me, my journal, or my friends, leave it on your own space because I don't want it here, nor do I need it here. I have some pretty strong opinions about things, some are serious, some are funny, and some are just so random you will think "What the heck is she talking about?" I believe that South Jersey should be its own state, one seperate from North Jersey because the state NJ gets a bad rap from the north, that is where all the factories are, and it smells funny, and whatnot. South Jersey is my home and I absolutely love it. Except in the summer when all the "shoobies" come from Pennsylvania and New York, and Delaware and whatnot. I also think that NJ is awesome for recognizing that gay couples deserve the same rights as everyone else. I am straight and I TOTALLY support gay rights!, if you have a problem with that then leave this space. AND - if you come here to start trouble then be fore-warned :: it is not a good idea! ♥

I am an Irish girl who is very much into her Irish background (I am Welsh as well, but there isnt much to go on that . . . ) Im not sure if I can hold my liquor/beer like the Irish can, because I never allow myself to get that drunk, maybe one day I will, but I really hate how nasty and rude, and annoying people get when they are drunk so I don't even let myself get that way. I really enjoy playing video games - yes, Im a nerd woohoo for me. Ya know what else is lots of fun? Bowling. We bowl a lot, its the most fun though with lots of people having a good time. We also go to all kinds of fun new places and check out different "hot spots". I love all my "True to the End" friends I have, they are my husband - who is my best friend, my sisters - most of the time, some of my family, and a few on myspace and LJ. I'm glad that I know what a real friend is. It's better to have one good friend you can trust than one hundred friends that stab you every time you turn around.

Wonder Womans Favorites

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Kick Ass Tunes:
♥ Kylie Minogue
♥ Keith Urban
♥ Kate Voegele
♥ Daughtry
♥ Carrie Underwood
♥ 80s Dance music
Rawkin Good Flicks:
♥ Pans Labyrinth
♥ Deep Blue Sea
♥ Harry Potter Movies
♥ Transformers
♥ Pirates of the Caribbean
♥ Poseidon Adventure :: THE ORIGINAL!
♥ How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Best Shows out There:
♥ Supernatural
♥ Snapped
♥ Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
♥ VH1 Reality Shows
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