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Wonder Woman [userpic]

What a day

January 25th, 2009 (09:42 am)


SO . . . yesterday was teh first Saturday of my Wal-Mart being opened and can I just say OMG! Firstly it took me about half an hour to find a parking spot, and the spot was at least a 5 minute walk to the door. unbelievable! ♥ THEN - we were short employees, I dont know if they called out or quite, but we had not many people working. They were pulling girls from my desk to do cashier and door greeter! I even saw one of our co-managers ringing on the register if that gives you any idea of how busy we were. ♥ I was there from 2-11:30 and I NEVER stopped except when I was on break. and even when i left there was a ton more stuff to do. ehhh.

alright, ttyl