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Wonder Woman [userpic]

April 7th, 2008 (06:29 pm)

So I am going to be back a little bit more.

But for today I have one post I must make . . .

To anyone who likes Pullips/BLythes/Tokidoki and things to that nature I am proud to say I found a shop in South Jersey that sells these items and I told the owner Id promote for her since she just opened and needs to get the word out.

The shop is at:
3 N. New York Rd. Shop #7
Smithville, NJ 08205
(609) 404-4224


The shop is called "THE ARTISTS EYE" and sells unique designer toys, vintage collectibles , and they have a killer art gallery upstairs. The art is different but that is what makes it so awesome! ♥ So if you are in the So.Jersey area check out the shop and tell her Colleen sent you ;D ♥ Support the locals ;D